Independent Technologist Services specializes in helping small to mid-sized businesses establish a greater online presence through website creation and enhancement; e-commerce store deployment; funnel management utilizing email, database systems, social media, and landing page design; and we also focus on utilizing video and online meeting channels to engage your audience, gather leads, and turn them into loyal customers and brand champions. 

Web Design

We specialize in small-business company websites and e-commerce stores. We all know that your online presence, or lack thereof, can make or break your business. Let us design, enhance, and deploy your next website. Watch your lead and client base grow and improve.

Lead Funnel

In every business, it is important to create a lead funnel to engage future customers. Turning leads into clients takes a strategic model of engagement, follow-up, and nurturing through the latest tools and channels. Whatever your needs are, we can help.


Within any business model, there is a need for specific content to drive engagement. We can facilitate this using content curation. Looking for a webinar platform? Need a few videos for your website and social media channels? We can help you design, distribute, and curate.

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