Content Curation

Content Creation and Curation

When it comes to client engagment, the saying goes “content is king“. No matter the business model, customers are more interested in video content than ever before. With the rise of cell phones and tablets and internet television, it takes a lot to get the attention of the right people for your business.

Thankfully, it is much easier now to create short videos for your clients, enticing them to come check out your website, or follow you on social media, or take advantage of your latest promotion. You might even want to have your own online events through avenues like webinars or social media live video.

This can all be accomplished quite easily, and we would love to help your business engage your customers in every way possible.

Promotional Video Creation and Curation

You might look at competitor websites and wonder how they were able to create the great video promotions that they have and make it look so easy. The answer to that is that it actually is. Do you have a smart phone? Can you go out and get a small tripod or stand? ITS can take care of the rest. Send us your video files and in a few days you will have a professional promotional video segment utilizing the best of your content with your company logo, contact information, captions, transitions… in short, the works!

We also have partners that can create much more complex video presentations if you want to really wow your leads and customers. Let’s talk and figure out the best avenue of getting video promotions and content to your clients on your website, social media, and promotional landing pages!

The best part about promotional videos is being able to curate them on social media. Let’s get you setup with a YouTube channel and integrate it with all of your social media. This will boost your ranks on Google as well as gain you followers, leads, champions, and customers. 

Online Meetings and Webinars

You have probably received at least one invitation to an online meeting or webinar. If you have attended, you will know the value of these types of presentations. In most cases, the online event is geared toward providing valuable product education to your leads and customers in exchange for their contact information and 30-60 minutes of their time. 

Webinars and online meetings are another great avenue to getting up-close and personal with your audience. It may seem like a lot of work and out of the range of possibility. But, just like with video promotion, that just isn’t the case anymore. Can you create a presentation of slides about your business using programs like Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides? With a few practice runs, can you present the slides with confidence and knowledge about your product or service? Leave the rest to us. ITS would love to see your business make a splash in the world of online meetings and webinars. Let us help you select the best software for your business model, and help you implement procedures to utilize that software, making it easy and fun for you and your team.

And, just like promotional videos, these online meetings and webinars can be curated on your social media and website to provide more opportunities for your business to gain leads and customers.