Funnel Management

Funnel Management

In any business model, there are many avenues to finding the right kinds of leads and acquiring them as customers. It is very important to be able to track the Return On Investment of the various channels used to gain customers for your business. When it comes to lead funnels, ITS has experience analyzing the needs of each individual business and setting up the best processes to capture and classify leads in order to understand your funnel and to continually improve it over time.

Know who your customers are, where they came from, and what you can do to further increase their activity, response rates, purchasing potential, and championing of your brand. We would love to consult with you on the these options and provide solutions to gain you more and higher quality leads.

Lead Capture Systems Analysis

Finding the right customers can be frustrating. By analyzing and improving your funnel, ITS can make it seem effortless. Maybe you already have a funnel but aren’t getting the results you had hoped for when it was first deployed. Let us examine and improve your funnel utilizing the below systems that we have tested time and time again to improve lead capture and customer loyalty:

  • Current Software Needs Analysis
  • Email, Database, Landing Page, and Social Media Software Review
  • Email and Database Software Selection, Administration, and Enhancement
  • Landing Page Software Selection, Administration, and Oversight

Lead Generation Systems Analysis

If you want to capture leads, you first have to get their attention. What avenues of lead generation are you currently using? Print? Digital? Google? Facebook? The optimized equation for reaching your client base is always changing. It is important to be able to show where your leads came from and to track them through the funnel to produce an overall picture of ROI and the success of your various channels. ITS can help boost your lead generation numbers with the below services:

  • Lead Generation Software, Social Media, and Website Integration Review
  • Social Media Site Acquisition, Website Integration, and Enhancement
  • Social Media Posting, Activity Monitoring, and Customer Response
  • Social Media Ad Account Setup, Ad Creation, and Analytics Oversight

Gap Reporting and Data Analysis

Understanding who your customers and leads are, where they came from, what kind of sales and engagement are they participating in, and what those trends are is very important to any business. You might already have a database system or marketing automation software that gives you reports. Are those reports telling you what you want to know? Are there any gaps? If not, ITS specializes in what we call “gap reporting”. Utilizing database export files and complex spreadsheet report buidling, we can analyze your data, build you a reporting mechanism to see any statistics that you are missing to better serve your clients and target where you can boost sales. 

  • Gap Reporting Template Creation and Procedure Implementation
  • Monthly Report Template Creation and Procedure Implementation
  • Current Data and Marketing Software Reporting Overview and Enhancement