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When it comes to client engagment, the saying goes “content is king“. No matter the business model, customers are more interested in video content than ever before. With the rise of cell phones and tablets and internet television, it takes a lot to get the attention of the right people for your business. Thankfully, it is much easier now to create short videos for your clients, enticing them to come check out your website, or follow you on social media, or take advantage of your latest promotion. You might even want to have your own online events through avenues like webinars or social media live video.

Where are your customers coming from? Where are they going? In any business model, there are many avenues to finding the right kinds of leads and acquiring them as customers. It is very important to be able to track the Return On Investment of the various channels used to gain customers for your business. When it comes to lead funnels, ITS has experience analyzing the needs of each individual business and setting up the best processes to capture and classify leads in order to understand your funnel and to continually improve it over time.

Need to send email, text messages, webinar invitations, and other communications? No problem. ITS has experience utilizing many email programs, database systems, landing page designers, SMS text services, auto-responder systems, webinar services, and various other client outreach media.

Need to select, launch, develop, maintain or otherwise utilize a database of clients? Look no further. ITS has experience utilizing many CRM databases, marketing automation systems, sales funnel cascades, and many other client relationship management tools.

Informational? Promotional? Landing Pages? Yes, we can! ITS has experience launching websites from scratch, transitioning old websites to new hosting, domains, services, and more. If you already have a great website, but need a few professional landing pages for sales promotions, webinars sign-ups, book launches, live events, etc.

Just Need A Simple Store? Or A Complete Store Front Solution? Whether you’re selling a few products or have an entire catalog with multiple vendors and distribution centers, ITS can help you get the most for your money. We have experience setting up a wide variety of eCommerce platforms for diverse business sizes and structures.  


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